Systematic gambling

What is systematic gambling?

Gambling is something not many people that associate with work and a way to make money online as a stable extra income. We are basically totally agree with that since it basically forever the "house" that stays as the winner in the long run. It is also in our two examples below. The losers are the other players that you're playing against. There are two main niches of internet gambling. This is the so-called odds betting on sports events and similar. The second is the traditional casinos with slot machines, card games and roulette.

Two techiques that makes gambling predictable!

Introducing with this two ways/ techniques most people manage to acquire a good stable extra income, but it depends of they do not fail to act focused and disciplined for a long period of time and follow the rules they have set for themselves in advance. One technique applies betting odds while the other comes to internet poker.

Sure bet

Sure bet is a technique that involves playing at the same event/ match with several betting companies on all potential results so that you will win something whatever the outcome of the event/ match will become. The technique require a little bit of money to start with since the bet need to be relatively high because the profit will only be a few percent of the total bet. However, you can repeat the technique with the same money many times per week. The point is that the odds companies do not necessarily put the odds based on what they assume that the result is however based on how many they assume will play on that result.

Imagine that England will play a soccer game against Italy. A betting company that targets the British public will have lower odds that England will win than a betting company that targets the Italian public. If you then put a certain amount that England will win at the Italian company and focuses on Italy at the English company and tops it all by betting on a draw with the company providing the best odds on it (could well be a third company) you will be in a Sure bet situation. If the amount you have invested in the three matches are correct in relation to each other you are in a situation where you are left with a small profit regardless of outcome of the match. Not all games are suitable for this technique as it depends on the difference in odds vary sufficiently between the different companies. The companies are supposed to always have a little piece of the cake. What is important in this context is that you use the right formula when you calculate how much to invest in the various agencies so that nothing is ever left to pure luck. It is only then you are in a "sure bet" situation.

Internet Poker

Internet poker has been very popular the recent years. Anyone who has more than average knowledge about poker knows that it is a game where you need skills and the best player wins in long term. On each single "hand " it is much chance and good luck, but in the long run evened this so that the best wins. The technique described below, it is not a "sure bet " situation and you should therefore exercise great caution with your money when you are playing poker on the internet.

The first commandment is to start with is to learn the rules and strategies of poker before you start playing. There are a lot of good literature in the area but you do not have to read r self to death. The most important thing is that you can all the rules at your fingertips and know the basic techniques and strategies in relation to risk assessment as to whether you should fold or stay on each round. If you understand the basic mathematical thought is in relation to whether it is worth folding or not you are definably on your way to getting a fairly steady extra income.

When you feel you have sufficient knowledge, log on to a web casino, such as Poker Stars. On all online casinos you can choose a table where the minimum bet is found in most sizes. Begin at the lower table and work your way slowly upwards as you feel you win enough on the table you are playing at. We're not talking about you to increase several times a day but maybe a few times a year, even if you are playing several hours every day. If you do not possess the patience then you will probably not succeed with this strategy.

Make clear rules for yourself in advance on how to play and when to fold. Set yourself a limit to how much you can afford to lose in a day, such as $ 10. Once you have lost that amount you leave the board immediately and will not play until the next day. Again, if you do not possess the self- discipline so you will not succeed with this strategy.

If you manage to slavishly follow this approach , we can almost guarantee you that in the long run you will experience a relatively steady and increasing income of your poker playing. But never forget the patience and self-discipline which is so important in poker.


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