Start your own dating site!

How to get started with your own dating business?

There is a little doubt that the internet is the future and an excellent opportunity to acquire an additional personal income. One of the most popular and lucrative services on the internet is internet dating where users can meet other like-minded partners. However, there are two factors that stop most people from starting a dating site on the web. One is that it requires a lot of resources and knowledge to set up a dating site. The second is that it is very difficult to build up a new website from scratch that has no members. Think to yourself that you are landing on a dating site that almost has no members at all. You want start using time to make a profile on that site when you know that there are other dating sites out there with thousands of members.

White label partner!

Dating Factory, which is a so-called "white label" company, however, has found a brilliant solution to these problems for all of you who want your own dating site. At dating factory, you can create your own website in a lot of different niches and your site are automatically connected to all profiles in the database that is compatible with your chosen niche and other criteria you set (e.g. Geographical area and age).


Easy setup with many customization options!

You set up the website easily using a website tool where you can choose from a number of predefined templates and settings so that you get your own personal stamp on the side. Finally, choose an appropriate domain for that page and the niche you have chosen. You can buy a domain through and easily redirect your domain by changing the name servers from the one given to you by dating factory. This is very simple and it is not hard to find someone who can help you if you do not manage it by your self. In other words, an easy way to gain extra income with no limit in numbers of sites, possibilities in further development of the dating sites and with millions of registered members from day one!

Multi language options!

It is pre translations in totally 22 different languages available, including English, Spanish and French. This is an opportunity you should take advantage instead of just sticking to only your own country. Why should you stick to one small country with the total of 7 billion people in the world and the majority of them mastered at least one of the 22 pre translated languages. Users can, however, choose one of these languages when they come into your page as long as you have checked the settings on these languages will be offered on the page. You have little to lose in this.

Dating Factory can be found by clicking this link.


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