Make your own website!

How to make a nice website?

If you want to make money online it is a lot of possibilities to creating your own website. This may be an online store or a blog with advertising revenue. Other examples include a forum or website on a particular topic that you are more than average interested in and/ or know much about because of your education or other reasons. Many people believe that to create a website from scratch is extremely difficult, which in so far is correct, but Open Source software makes it very easy, however. You can make income of the website by selling products and services or using advertising revenue.

Open Source makes it easy and inexpensive for you to create a website!

The answer to how to make your own website easily is the Open Source software like Joomla , Wordpress, Drupal etc. This in combination with the interface C-panel and Softaculous, that most of the popular hosting company offers, allows you very easy to get an online website up and running. In fact it is so simple that you can actually have a website up and running within an hour from reading this article.

Add efforts in choosing the right web hosting.

so, you have decided to create your own website, it's reasonable to start with finding a good web host first. This does not have to be in your own country but should be in your continent to avoid long response times on your website because of the long physical distance. Physical distance is only one reason for the long response. What is much worse is that you choose a supplier that have servers that is constantly overloaded. Such high overselling can provide huge delay on the response time of several seconds as opposed to physical distances where we would like to count in milliseconds. You probably know what results it gives when you use an old computer with outdated software. The same thing applies to servers. It is important to have a serious supplier who knows what they are doing, not only by not overselling, but update the server software frequently. The challenges here are much greater than on a private PC and you have to rely on professional staff.

Choose a web host that offers C-Panel and Softaculous!

When you are looking for web hosting you should look for suppliers which offers C-Panel and Softaculous. The main reason for this is that the C-panel makes the managing of your web space very easily and in addition it is very easy to change hosting if you are not happy where you are (most vendors take to move the job for you if you use the C-panel on your old hosting). Softaculous makes it very easy for novice users to install software, the term "one click" is often used. You choose through a menu from a variety of software solutions (most are totally free) and select the one you think suits your needs best. Once you have selected so click "Install" and in a short time is all ready set up, linked to the database and put up temporary password to you so that you can log right into the site's administration pages and begin but your individual adaptations. Guides about how to use the admin tools is normally included and it is a lot of additional guides and info available on the internet.

Recommended web hosting.

To save you some work we can give some suggestions for web hosting that is both cheap and good (all C-panel and Softaculous). and are two medium-sized international hosting companies as many users are happy with. Both have data centers in Europe and US and it is important that you are ordering process is suitable to be placed in a data center in your target continent to ensure fast response for your website. Don't trust websites that recommends webhosts by listing top 10 webhosts etc. Most of this websites list the companies indiscriminately in the same order of who pays them the highest commission for new customers linked from their sites.

If something is too good to be true,  it is often the way it is!

If you want to start the search for a web host yourself , there are many pitfalls to walk in. A rule of thumb is to steer away from all the players that offer unlimited resources, such as unlimited storage. There is no such thing as free lunch in the world, neither in this industry. When it offered unlimited resources, it appears always when you read the fine print that it is practically impossible to use unlimited space. It is often so many conditions in bottom of what web host can be used to give you little opportunities. Moreover, these actors are overrepresented when it comes to overselling their servers. So your web host is almost useless in the first place and not appropriate for someone who will run a good website to make money.

Buy domain from large companies.

It is no problem to buy domain with a provider and hosting the website with another provider. When you do this you get enlightened so-called name servers of your web host (usually a welcome email ) , typically this is " " and " ". These name servers you are using in the settings in the control panel of your domain provider and change from its preset name servers to the ones you have been informed by your web host.

If you have purchased the domain together with hosting the domain is probably already linked to your web space and is ready for use. If not , put it under a "button" called "addon domain" in c-panel. Using "addon" feature, you can also have multiple domains and websites on the same host.

Remember to update your cms software!

When choosing cms solutions like Joomla , Wordpress and Drupal it comes regular updates to these solutions. This is both security patches and software updates to make your programs better and safer. It is important to perform these updates and if you have installed the software using Softaculous can just as easily use Softaculous to update with the easy "one click" method. You'll notice in the C-panel that an update is available and often the cms management page when there are new updates available.

Never forget backup!

No matter how seriously you think your web host is we always recommend that you take regular backups of your website. This is easily accomplished in C-panel using the included backup feature. Don't gamble with your business, take backups regularly and test that they actually works as supposed!


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